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'[rs] FileTime 4.0' ('FileTime' for short) is a free program for changing and restoring the date and time stamps of directories and files.

With FileTime's date and time editor, you can unify the time values for different files. FileTime can (optionally) edit the date of the last change and/or the last read access and/or the creation of a file. The time values of directories can also be edited with FileTime. I have developed FileTime, among other things to be able to pass program and data files with a uniform date.

In addition, FileTime provides a function to save the dates of files or entire directory trees. The stored date values can be restored at a later time. It is also possible to edit the saved file list in a suitable text editor.
I've developed this feature to be able to change passwords for protected files without destroying the date information.

Screenshot: FileTimeThe screenshot shows the 'FileTime' window with the date editor.
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FileTime tests the available setting options of the date on the disk that you select.
Modern versions of Windows store timestamps in the file system with an accuracy of one-thousandth of a second, (optimistic) for the next 30,000 years. If you are reading in older media, you may find deeper limitations. For example, only even seconds could be stored in older file systems (based in DOS). Odd ones were rounded up. And the date range reached 'only' from the year 1980 to 2107.

Export Formats

FileTime exports records in text format. Filenames and dates are ordered line by line.


FileTime has context-sensitive help that describes the various features of the program. The help is part of the download.


The FileTime version 3.0 belonged together with FileList to the program package '[rs] FileTools'. This connection is dissolved with the current version 4.0. '[rs] FileTime' is now an independent program package.
For Windows XP only, the program package '[rs] FileTools 3.0' is still available as a download (see below).

I didn't create a setup program for the new version. You can extract the ZIP download to the usual program locations. You can also easily create links to the start menu yourself.
[rs] FileTime 4.0 does not create any registry entries and therefore does not need to be uninstalled. If you no longer want to use it, you can simply delete the program package.
You can find more information and an overview of my programs on my 'App Sitemap'.

Legal Notice

For the disclaimer, the copyright and other conditions of use the information given in the 'Legal Notice' apply (see link below!)


FileTime 4.0 for Windows (zip) - without Setup

For Windows XP you can use the following download links:

FileTools-Setup for Windows XP (exe)

FileTools-Setup for Windows XP (zip)

FileTools-Paket for Windows XP (zip) - without Setup


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